Halfway There!

This week we’ve hit 20 weeks in the pregnancy so I thought it would be fitting to do an update on how things are progressing! You won’t find me doing weekly pregnancy updates on any of my pregnancies. Frankly I find that boring and I’m pretty sure so does 99% of the general population. No one cares about the weekly play by play of pregnancy (too harsh?). I figured it’d be good to do an update since we’re at the halfway point and have some fun with it! Continue reading “Halfway There!”

Mom Dating Without Solicitation, Does it Exist?

Are you reading thinking yes, yes, does it? I don’t have the answer for you. Since becoming a SAHM and venturing out much more often to playgrounds, parks and playdates I have picked up some tips (and ahem – what not to do advice) on how to win at the mom dating game. Or maybe at least get your feet wet with making mom friends in the world of MLM’s. Continue reading “Mom Dating Without Solicitation, Does it Exist?”