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Favorite Cleaner Hair Hacks!

In the spirit of sharing more clean hacks this year, I thought I’d share my favorite go-to hair products now! Cleaning up my products has been a journey and I’m certainly not perfect. I still use some that probably aren’t the cleanest but I’ve definitely cleaned up my hair act! I use products sparingly these days.

I dyed my hair for years going from blonde to black. Honestly, I probably should make a personal amends to my mothers bathroom cabinets for all the hair dye I inflicted upon them! Shortly before I was diagnosed with cancer, I decided I was over dying my hair.

It was so much effort, so much money and so much time when my time now is extremely limited after kids! I just couldn’t stand sitting in that chair! So. I chopped it all off! I chopped off all the dye left in my hair and started off with fresh virgin hair. I really do have fun with my hair and have embraced a lot of styles.

Here are my go-to’s in the hair department when it comes to cleaner products!

Primally Pure dry shampoo – clean, crisp and it works great! They have a version for dark & light hair. I guesstimate I wash my hair approximately once or twice a week. (Use code ‘wonderfully10’ to save 10% on your order!)

Less heat! I know we’ve all heard less heat is better but let me introduce you to The Sway. Yes, you need one now and if you have long hair, it is fabulous! I will add my hair is naturally on the thin and wavy side and does not typcially hold curl well. I have heard fabulous reviews on this working for thick hair too! I use this on both damp and dry hair. When I’m sleeping and I also wear this bad boy out because hello…it’s cute!

The sway in action

Beautycounter Shampoo and Conditioner – Ok I have to admit that hair is not my strong suit and I typically use just whatever cleaner drugstore shampoo I can find…typically Acure brand. Recently, Beautycounter had these full size on sale for $13 so you know I had to scoop them up! My hair has never been so soft! Honestly, I only wash my hair once to twice a week so it might not hurt to splurge a little more on my shampoo. The really fun thing about this is that Beautycounter has recently relaunched their entire body care line to include refillable and recyclable containers! They are aluminum which are easier to reycyle than regular plastic. The fillable part means you recycle your body container, keep the pump and reorder just a new can of product! Beauty should be good for you and the planet! You can check out the entire newly relaunched body line, including shampoo and conditioner, HERE!

I am not much for styling products at all, the only one I have reached for lately is the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, this works amazing actually, I am going to upgrade to the full size for sure. It adds both texture and volume! Another great dry shampoo pick is this R+Co dry shampoo paste…if your hair is on the shorter side this is so great to add volume and texture! I use about a pea-sized amount and just rub into scalp.

What cleaner hair care products are you embracing these days??

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