About Me

Hello there! My name is Catherine and I’m a 34 year old wife, mom and fur mom living in Florida.

I’m a lover of all things family, outdoors, DIY and dogs. And that’s just what you’ll find here on this little blog. I’ll log my adventures through being a mom, the challenges and triumphs of life, trying to get healthy and anything else life throws my way.

I was born and raised in South Louisiana. I met my now husband back in 2009 off of a dating website (eek – I know!). Two years after meeting we moved to South Carolina for his job, got engaged, moved back to Louisiana for his job, got married, adopted another fur child, had our son in December 2015, relocated to Florida and welcomed our baby girl in July 2018! Whew – we’ve been busy!

Life threw me another curveball when in December 2018 I was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer. I went through a year of chemotherapy, radiaiton and a massive surgery and have been living with no evidence of disease for two years now!  My cancer treatment left me with a permanent ostomy, menopause and a battlefied of ptsd. I work hard everyday (ok, most days) to live in gratitude for being given a second chance. My goal is to share awareness, hope and perhaps a little fun along the way!

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You can follow our adventures through this blog and my Instagram (@wonderfullywright).

Thanks for stopping by!