Navigating Life with Food Allergies

Ah, food allergies! We were christened into the world of food allergies when I attempted to give my then 7-8 month old son a scrambled egg for the first time. In this post I won’t go into extreme detail about his symptoms, reactions and testing because I realize that can vary greatly from child to child. Mainly, this post will just focus on the things that have helped me navigate the world of food allergies. I never had food allergies myself and frankly neither did anyone in my family or friends circle growing up, so needless to say I had a lot to learn.   Continue reading “Navigating Life with Food Allergies”

Mom Dating Without Solicitation, Does it Exist?

Are you reading thinking yes, yes, does it? I don’t have the answer for you. Since becoming a SAHM and venturing out much more often to playgrounds, parks and playdates I have picked up some tips (and ahem – what not to do advice) on how to win at the mom dating game. Or maybe at least get your feet wet with making mom friends in the world of MLM’s. Continue reading “Mom Dating Without Solicitation, Does it Exist?”