Pregnancy #1

 I had my first child in December 2015. I’m not one to document every inch of my pregnancy so I don’t have any cute bump pics or timelines to show you (I know, you’re disappointed). This photo here is probably the best I have and it was right at 30 weeks pregnant!

True to my nature, I decided at 30 weeks pregnant that I wanted to opt for an unmedicated birth with the help of a doula. I guess this is what happens when you have tons of time on your hands to research labor and delivery! This picture was actually taken on the way to meet and interview our doula that evening. I had known quite a few friends who were able to deliver unmedicated and I was really interested in learning about the process.

We met with the doula (looooved her) and quickly enrolled in natural birth classes. My husband quickly became the star student of class, taking notes every class and asking ALL THE QUESTIONS. Seriously. All. of. them. You’d swear he was pushing this baby out. He often wanted to spend our nights going over his notes while all I was trying to do was watch Real Housewives for god sakes! Our doula encouraged him to begin a support class for dads but he never took the bait. 

In short, my water broke at midnight at exactly 37 weeks pregnant. We weren’t even able to finish all of our natural birth classes! Our doula actually asked both me and my husband to write up our birth story for her website. I will link to mine here and you can read my husband’s take on the delivery here.

John Michael met the world December 9, 2015!