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That App Life

I know we all can end up with random apps on our phones we no longer use…right?… RIGHT?

I thought I’d list a few I actually use on a regular basis that I deem useful so here we go:

  • GetSorted – This is a great app to tidy up your photo library. I end up with thousands of photos on my phone so this app sets small goals for going through photos by date and month and deleting/saving what you want! It’s all about small goals and fun rewards along the way!

  • Rakuten – If you are spending money online and aren’t using this you are crazy! Especially around the holidays! You just pull up the app, see all the stores that offer cashback and then shop through that link. You can even link to your cards so it automatcailly credits you cash back when you shop in person. You can sign up HERE. It’s worth it! *Disclaimer that I do get some free cash if you sign up with my link, and so do YOU!

  • Dark Sky – I heard about this app from a podcast I listen to and have been using it since! This is apparently a super accurate weather app people in Hollywood use to track the weather for shooting movies (so they say). Anyways, its easy, it always pulls up to my city and shows an hourly breakdown of temp/rain chance so it’s convenient. Especailly in Florida where rain can come on quite quickly! Or when I spend two hours trying to decide if I should water my plants or not.

  • Dunkin DonutsDo not laugh! You need this if you’re a DD fan. There is one by my house and I have gotten quite a few free coffees earned by using this app! It’s super easy to order ahead and they often run deals for double points and other specials for app users only!

  • ABC Mouse – We subscribe to ABC Mouse and honestly, I do feel like it’s worth it. They have both preschool and kindergarten level for each of my kids. My 3yo doesn’t play it much, but my 6yo does! He enjoys the matching games, mazes, taking care of the pets etc. Worth It. He can’t really work a mouse but honestly…aren’t those probably going to be extinct by the time he grows up? Everything will be touch screen. He mostly plays this on the ipad and it’s way better than anything you’ll find on youtube kids!

What other apps are you liking these days? Hard to keep up with the constant new ones coming out. I’m always deleting unused apps from my phone! Time for a clean-up…

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